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An Evening Of Jazz

Thank you for An Evening of Jazz! We were thoroughly treated to a smorgasbord of jazz classics and contemporary music that spanned continents and time. The entire event was well-organized and the sound was brilliant, crisp and captured the soul and the artistry that is jazz. The wide variety of music kept us wanting for more.

I must say that the way the musicians coordinated was great to watch. Gala on the saxophone was ethereal; Denvin’s skill on the keyboard provided body to the music, Aphung the percussionist was wonderful – keeping perfect beat for each rendition, Helipi brought a much needed string component to the mix; his ukulele performance on Somewhere over the Rainbow was an inspired touch. Nandita on the bass kept adding that aspect of music without which any performance would be incomplete.

The medley that featured Blue Moon and the vocalist singing Kaisi Paheli Zindagani was an

enjoyable twist.

Rex Rozario and his team were a blast!

It was great to see them just after the break as they set the stage on fire! I particularly enjoyed his Karnataka Special! It was great to hear him fuse an Indian raga to the jazz style and belt it out with such gusto.

Valerie and Hit the Road Jack were rendered in a unique way by Priscilla and provided a flash of pizazz to this evening of jazz.

My personal favorite was Autumn Leaves that left me with visions of falling leaves under a grey evening.

Each piece of jazz was well-chosen and fantastically executed. I must also congratulate you on the quality of sound and the arrangements.

I can already foresee that the next one will be even more jam-packed than yesterday’s event.

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