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There is something extremely exciting and nerve wrecking about auditioning in singing competitions. Whether it is your first or 10th audition you experience the same symptoms; butterflies in the stomach, adrenalin pumping extra fast, sweaty palms, and a chipmunky voice.

Today auditions for singing competitions are more than just singing your favourite song. Participants are judged on a number of key parameters and failing in even one can result in getting sent home. To ensure you get the most out of your audition, we’ve prepared a list of 7 audition tips for you to follow.


Before you can land up at the venue, make sure you have read and re-read the eligibility requirements, as each organizer will have their own set of requirements; age (minimum and maximum), the list of documents required if you are not an Indian citizen, if you or your relatives are related to or working with the organizers or any of their affiliates… The last thing you would want after months of practice is to land up at the venue only to be told you aren’t eligible.

Song selection and key parameters

Everyone has his or her trademark song. You need to decide if your trademark song is competition worthy and if it will wow the judges. You need to select a song that is challenging; not too complex or done to death, one which you can add your own signature style too. Will the song showcase the quality and range of your voice? Are you able to hit those high and low notes effortlessly? You need to focus on the pronunciation of the lyrics, breath control, improvisation, and your overall stage presence.

Get professional help

Even if your singing has only received compliments from your grandparents, relatives, friends, teachers, and random strangers, invest in a voice coach. They will be able to focus on the technical aspects of your voice and work on any weak areas, which the judges will surely notice.

Pre-audition regimen

The night before the audition is just as important as the audition. Stay away from cold beverages, spicy food, and chatty family members or friends. Don’t over do the practice sessions either. Practice your song a few times and then its lights off. Get a good eight hours sleep. And keep your clothes ready the night before. Dress smart - not too casual or formal. Wear comfortable shoes, because yes… there will be long queues.

Don’t skip breakfast as you will have a long and tiring day ahead of you and don’t chomp down a heavy breakfast either as you don’t want belching or burping to be part of your song do you?

Stay calm and be prepared

You may be the first or 200th audition of the day, so make sure you have entertainment with you in the form of a book or magazine. Why not cell phone you are wondering? Some organizers don’t allow mobile phones in the venue and other ask for it to be switched off. So check the rules. Keep a bottle of water with you and keep taking little sips to keep your throat hydrated. Also keep makeup, a brush and a breath freshener spray with you so when it is your turn, you’ll be looking and feeling fresh and presentable.

Sizzling in the spotlight

Finally! You hear your number being called out. Walk confidently and slowly to the centre of the stage. Yes, you will be nervous. Smile pleasantly. The judges will probably make small talk. Don’t be cocky or try to be humorous. Just answer to the point. When it is time to sing, take a deep breath and sing. Remember to have fun while you are up there. You worked so hard to reach this day, now enjoy your time in the spotlight.

Ready to start training for the next competition? Keep your eye on these competitions happening later in 2018 as the venue and dates have yet to be decided.

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If you are looking for a voice coach give us a call at 9820761170 or email We’ll get you ready for that audition!

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