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Chase Your Stress Away The Musical Way

In addition to the deadlines, reports, never ending meetings, the constant threat of recession, working professionals also have to combat regular traffic jams to and fro office. No wonder they look like such a haggard lot. And while the high stress levels make a few of them irritable, others internalise the stress and suffer from heart disease, asthma, obesity, and diabetes. While you may not be able to do much about your boss’s crummy attitude or the back-to-back traffic, we do have a solution on how you can handle stress:

Learn an instrument.

It could be the drums, piano, keyboard or violin, not only will it will be a fun experience but also help you get those stress levels down

Activates your brain

Research has shown that listening to music and learning an instrument will make you smarter, how so? It releases BDNF, CREB, and synapsin I (proteins found in the brain) which sharpen your mental capacities.

Well, you’ve mastered the listening part, now all you have to do is decide which instrument you want to learn. Don’t worry about your age or think it’s only for kids. You can learn an instrument at any age. So how about that while you are learning an instrument, you are getting smarter.

A healthy outlet for emotions

Whatever mood you are in; lovey dovey, happy, sad, angry, frustrated; music provides a safe release. The irritation that you were bottling up suddenly slowly empties itself as you strum the guitar or play the keys. And once you get better and better at it, you will feel such a deep sense of satisfaction and joy.

Weekly highlight

As your proficiency increases, your music class becomes one of the things you most look forward to in the week. From the rapport you enjoy with your teacher to the words of appreciation you receive for your perfectly played piece (the 45-minute practice each day suddenly seems so worth it)

Doubles your Social Skills

Once you reach an intermediate level, you will feel confident to perform in public. A birthday party at office, an office picnic or event, you could even start your own band, or just gig with other musicians.

Your world now is filled with music; that you are now playing, new friendships, a sharper brain and a more happy you. So come on pick up an instrument and chase that stress away.

Music Central offers personalised classes for working professionals at a time convenient to you. Call 9820761170 or email for details.

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