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Johann & Lydia Solomon

Music Central is the heart song of Lydia and Johann Solomon. A musical couple, who by their common love of music and love of teaching, have established a place where aspiring musicians can discover the gift of music within themselves and share it with the world whichever way they choose to. 


We believe that music cannot be forced on anyone, but can only be realized with proper guidance, attention and care. 


Music Central is the place for anyone wanting to realize the gift of music within. 


Music is a gift that keeps on giving  

Lydia was gifted her first guitar by her parents when she was nine. She was so captivated by the instrument that she spent a lot of time practicing and learning new stuff everyday. A couple of years later, she picked up the piano, keyboard and drums and thoroughly enjoyed spending hours playing each instrument. Wanting to perfect her style and technique she enrolled in the Trinity College of London where she was able to give her music exams under the able guidance of Mr. Ivan John who fuelled her passion in music to a whole new level.



After graduation, she decided to pursue music full time. 

She taught music at various top schools in Mumbai including

Cathedral and John Connon High School, Christ Church School,

St. Annes High School and then Sophia High School in Bangalore. She also directed the music for a number of musical shows and trained choirs in both school and church.  

At the same time she simultaneously gave one-on-one lessons to students and that number grew year after year. She started a special music program called Music for Little Mozarts for smaller children to discover their musical talent, that became an instant hit and had many parents eager to enroll their children in that course.

With more than 15 years of experience, her desire for Music Central is to be a warm and welcoming place for children and adults to learn to appreciate and love music like never before.

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