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“My son has been under Lydia 's tutelage for 2yrs now, a teacher to my son she has been instrumental in developing his love for the guitar & of course her tough love has instilled discipline in him to do well in his Trinity school of music exams”


Shruti Shetty

"Lydia is a talented teacher with tremendous patience for learners. She combines excellent musical skills and expertise with an outstanding ability to teach in ways that intrigues and produces good results for her students. She figures out where you're at, meets you there and builds you up into the best you can be. Lydia teaches by not only listening to me but actually seeing how I learn best and utilises that to help me succeed. I can honestly say that Lydia is the best teacher I have ever had in any subject and I love how she can switch gears and tactics to help me learn different things and teach me not only the fun way but the right way. She is not only a skilled musician, but a skilled composer as well, and well trained in music theory. Finally living  my dream. Thank-You for the music Lydia."


Anna Royan

"Lydia is a great teacher. I was able to easily pick up what she taught me. She is systematic, patient and super fun to play with. Within 3 months, I covered my basics. I currently play in college, church as well as paid gigs and have also started my own band called 'Strike Three' with a couple of friends. A big thanks to her."



Brent Tauro

Learning the keyboard under Lydia, I can confidently say that music became more interesting. Lessons were well structured and teaching was thorough. I learnt new techniques and styles of playing the keyboard which have been very helpful for me. Now I can implement the techniques taught and bring more flavour in the music I play.

Sharon Clarance

Lydia is an excellent worship leader, worship coordinator and song arranger. I have had the privilege of learning many things under her, like working on a worship theme, arranging music and team dynamics. Most of all her heart to exalt God through her music was contagious.


John Victor

Our son, William, has been learning under Lydia for more than three years now. He has always looked forward to his classes every week. We think it is important that a child enjoys what he is doing while becoming technically proficient. Lydia’s strength is her ability to work with a wide range of ages, including small children, in a very caring way. For this reason, our youngest son, Andrew, who is four years old has also started classes with Lydia.

Colin & Gudrun Kelmen

Lydia- a one of a kind professional, creative and talented musician is my inspiration. She's an excellent teacher with a very versatile and artistic style of teaching who works to bring out the best in everyone.

She has been encouraging and helpful at every step during my course.

I can safely say that she's the one who triggered my desire for learning the keyboard and definitely marks the starting point to my musical career as well.

Hats off Lydia!


Smita Sarah David


Lydia is a really talented and amazing musician. Great teacher and I'm really blessed to have walked the little musical path with her in Bangalore.


Jill Tauro


My daughter Jessica's confidence and clarity in singing got better after she completed the Music Foundation Course under Lydia. She looked forward to Mondays every week. Her time spent was fruitful and added strength to her singing.Jessica, now is part of the junior choir in school. She also was a soloist for last years Christmas Choir in her school.


My guitar learning started way back, learnt basics but had not practiced enough to be able to play a song with a proper strumming. 

After attending classes with Lydia, I was able to learn strumming better and the rudimentary exercises helped tackle that. I owe a lot of my growth to her time spent with me.


Charles Benedict


It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to learn to play the guitar with Lydia. She was very approachable, open to hearing what I wanted to learn and adjusting her teaching accordingly. 


Nisha Mathias 

Lydia is a very good teacher. She is very patient and kind and she doesn't rush or pressurise me. It is a very fun and interactive music session and the outcome of her lessons is very good. 


Amartya Urs


I came in having such a problem with strumming and Lydia made it look like the easiest thing in the world! And truly, the way she taught me, it has become the easiest thing. I now, play the guitar and have impressed my husband and the people at my church. She's encouraging, motivating and knows exactly what it is you need to practise. She's also very committed yet flexible. And to top it off, she knows so many instruments. I'm so glad I learnt from her. Thanks Lydia!!

Sniti Dutta

My daughter has been going to Lydia for a while now. She has been an excellent , patient teacher. Anaika has understood and picked up the keyboard in a matter of weeks and looks forward to her weekly classes.


Shruti Sima

Lydia is a musical genius.. Her capability to improvise at the spur of the moment and produce such brilliant music is something I really admire about her. She has an outstanding ear for music, a virtuoso in the field of music. My kids loved her classes and looked forward to them every week. The effort and labor taken over each class definitely caught the children's attention. 


David Pais

Lydia is one of the best music/ musical instrument facilitators that I have come across in my life. She is prompt, precise and drives you to learn without lagging behind. We are put at ease for she never gives up and has the best teaching methods of turning our weaknesses into strengths. Lydia has a very meticulous and wholesome approach towards musical training and makes music alive, enjoyable and an achievable experience.


Thomas Kuruvilla

"My son Amartya has been learning to play the drums with Lydia since he was 8 years old. Today at 13, he continues to be deeply inspired by the music he has learnt under her tutelage. Her constant encouragement and expertise has resulted in Amartya reaching a level of proficiency and self motivation which is rare in someone his age.”


Sreya Urs

I like Ms. Lydia Solomon’s classes because she is very patient with me and does not rush. I have fun.


William Kelman

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