Advanced Lead Guitar

Sanjay Chandrakanth has been playing the lead guitar for well over 30 years now and holds the hard-earned reputation of playing across different musical styles, genres, and destinations. As a result, he is fairly acclaimed among the professional guitar-playing fraternity. 

His musical expertise is built on the solid foundation of formal learning plus numerous man-hours spent in practicing, playing, and performing across a wide repertoire of musical styles. His acquired traits include a penchant for perfection and excellence, with a total disdain towards anything mediocre. However, beyond all these, he truly enjoys and appreciates the innate passion and freedom which (he believes) only music can provide. 

Besides other proven accomplishments, He's long been associated at the top-notch professional levels of playing live concerts and gigs for a motley mix of bands, spanning a variety of categories, styles, and genres. 

Acoustic | Classical | Bass Guitar

Pyn Nongseij has completed his Bachelor’s in Music Education in The Bangalore Conservatory.   He also pursued and completed a Diploma from Indian Guitar Federation. Pyn has been teaching music for the past six years, and is excited to share his gift with others, as he is a firm believer that music changes lives.


He plays the bass guitar in AOBC – a band that plays a little bit of everything – jazz, funk, blues, souls, progressive…  In his free time he enjoys composing music.   He got a chance to perform three of his own compositions in front of a live audience during the graduation ceremony in his college.  He teaches guitar and theory in many schools across Bangalore. 


To perfect his skill he attended a number of Master Classes conducted by many internationally renowned teachers –Michael Nigro, Samuel Mok,  Nutavuk Ratanakarn,   Maestro Thu Le and Madhavan Somanathan.


Little Mozarts / Happy Quavers 

Preethi Yesudass comes from a family of musicians. The Yesudass children are a modern day version of The Sound of Music’s Von Trapp children. All six of them play instruments and some have performed in national and international concerts.


Preethi started learning the viola in 2009 under the tutelage of elder brother Noel Gerard, who is a renowned music teacher in Bangalore. Western classical music composers Biber, Gossec, Tchaikovsky, Vaughan Williams, Gearen, Gershwin and several Christian Gospel music artists influenced and helped her fine tune her musical abilities.


Preethi loves teaching children music and in helping them reach their full potential.   


Tenzin Tsethar completed his Bachelors in Computer Application in Bangalore.  His love for music led him to pursue and compete a Bachelors of Music Education from The Bangalore Conservatory where he specialised in Vocals and Teaching.   When working in WNS Pvt Ltd, a global Business Process Management, company, he took part in a global music comptition and was chosen as the WNS Idol.


He is a part time vocal teacher in a music school in Bangalore and takes private vocal and guitar classes. 


He co-founded and sings in a band called Muzaholix. He also founded a Tibetan band Om Buds and a band for corporate events, Side Project.


Tenzin is passionate about his craft as he truly believes that music can change lives for the better.  As a music teacher his goal is to ensure that every student learns about performance and composition and gives equal importance to theoretical skills which will pave the way for success in whichever path they choose in music.  


Skhem Sun is originally from Shillong, but has settled in Bangalore. He has a passion for music and has been playing the guitar and drums ever since he was little.

Skhem teaches at the Bangalore Conservatory and has finished his degree in Music with a drum major.

He is a member of the band Five Four and they play a variety of music ranging from Pop, Funk, Jazz and Rock.

He also writes and composes songs and is a natural performer. A very committed and dedicated teacher with a passion for music. His students are high scorers in their drum exams.

Piano & Keyboards

After completing her graduation in Arts, Karena Conway joined The Bangalore Conservatory a few years later where she majored in the piano. She's done her theory and practical exams from the Associated Board of The Royal School of Music, London and is currently pursuing higher studies from the same board.  Karena has also been studying vocals for over 5 years now. 


Karena loves music and dancing and often bagged the 1st prize in music and dance competitions in her collegiate days. She loves teaching children and they love her unique styles and methods of making the class more interactive and fun. 

Samuel Vantha loves music and the guitar in particular. He has spent many years perfecting his technique.  He has been part of many professional bands and toured across the country. Samuel has spent many hours in the studio composing, recording, and editing music tracks. 


As a teacher, Samuel has spent the past 14 years teaching music in Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata and Bangalore.  Samuel’s goal as a teacher is to help his students grow as musicians – something he achieves by providing a nurturing environment for every student. 


As an individual, Samuel has high levels of energy and positivity, which he passes on to his students hoping they will always work harder to better their skill as well as always have a deep appreciation for music.

Acoustic & Lead Guitar


Assunta Bartley is an extraordinary pianist who did very well in Trinity College of Music Piano Exams. Assunta has been teaching music privately for many years – classical, folk, pop, choir, Christmas carols.  She currently teaches music part time in several schools in Bangalore.  Prior to this, she taught science, English, value education, and music.  


Though Assunta is passionate about music  - playing and listening, she also enjoys cooking and baking.  Because of her patience and calm manner, she is a good teacher – in private or classroom settings. She is a seasoned musician and ensures that her students do well in their music exams. She's gentle yet firm and is passionate about music.
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