Piano & Keyboards

Kevin Oinam is a skilled pianist and a gifted performer. A multi-talented musician, his skills also include singing, ukulele, guitar, music theory, hand bells, and sketching. Kevin has a bachelor’s degree in Music Education majoring in Church Music and Piano and is now pursuing his Masters. In his pursuit of excellence, he attended a Piano master class by renowned French pianist Maxime Zecchini. 

Kevin teaches the piano in various music schools in Bangalore. An able conductor, he has also conducted several choirs in the city.

His varied interests and skills have won him many accolades as a sketching artist and in the many concerts that he has performed in over the years including some at Hebron International School (Ooty), and Christmas concerts like the Magnificat in Bangalore. 

Advanced Lead Guitar

Devoted to playing the lead guitar, Sanjay Chandrakanth's fingers have travelled millions of miles across the fret board for well over 30 years! He has built his hard-earned reputation of playing across different musical styles, genres, and destinations with dedication and discipline to his craft. It is no surprise that he is well-respected in the professional guitar-playing fraternity. 

Hours upon hours of practice coupled with a sound foundation in formal learning, Sanjay performs across a wide repertoire of musical styles. Perfection and excellence are talismanic to him and he strives to inculcate this in his students. 

Sanjay performs at the top-notch professional levels of playing live concerts and gigs for a motley mix of bands, spanning a variety of categories, styles, and genres. 


Acoustic | Classical | Bass Guitar

Music is a gift that changes lives. Pyn Nongseij firmly believes this. He holds a Bachelor’s in Music Education in The Bangalore Conservatory and a Diploma from Indian Guitar Federation. Pyn Nongseij has been teaching music for the past six years.

A performing artist, he plays the bass guitar in AOBC – a band that plays jazz, funk, blues, soul, and progressive music. He teaches guitar and theory in many schools across Bangalore. Constantly seeking to hone his skills, Pyn Nongseij attended a number of Master Classes conducted by many internationally renowned teachers –Michael Nigro, Samuel Mok, Nutavuk Ratanakarn, Maestro Thu Le and Madhavan Somanathan.
Pyn Nongseij enjoys composing music and has performed three of his own compositions during the graduation ceremony in his college.  He also released 2 original songs on YouTube involved in both the creative side and in the production.

Little Mozarts / Happy Quavers 


Someone who grew up in a highly gifted family of musicians, Preethi Yesudas and her siblings were popularly known as the Yesudass children, imagine a modern-day version of The Sound of Music’s Von Trapp children if you like. All six of them play instruments and some have performed in national and international concerts.

Preethi began learning the viola in 2009 under the tutelage of her elder brother Noel Gerard, who was a renowned music teacher in Bangalore. She draws inspiration from Western classical music composers like Biber, Gossec, Tchaikovsky, Vaughan Williams, Gearen, Gershwin and several Christian Gospel music artists who have influenced and helped her fine tune her musical abilities. Preethi loves teaching music to children and in them reach their full potential.



Tenzin Tsethar trained as a graduate in computer applications, but his love for music led him to pursue and complete a Bachelor of Music Education degree from The Bangalore Conservatory where he specialized in Vocals and Teaching.  

He is a part-time vocal teacher in a music school in Bangalore and tutors vocal and guitar classes privately. As a music educator his goal is to ensure that students learns about performance, composition and gives equal importance to theoretical skills.     

Among his many accomplishments, Tenzin treasures his win in a global-level competition at his former workplace where he was crowned as the winner. He also co-founded a band called AOBC, a Tibetan band Om Buds and another band for corporate events called Side Project.

Ukulele / Guitar 

Helipi Anwar is a guitarist and ukulele exponent whose skills encompass classical, electric, and acoustic guitar playing. With over 8 years of experience, Helipi has mastered his craft to a high degree. He holds a diploma from the Nathaniel School of Music and pursuing his degree in Music at the Bangalore Conservatory.

Teaching guitar and ukulele for the past two years, Helipi is dedicated to helping students excel in their playing and musical skills. He instills confidence in his students with his soft-spoken nature.   
In demand for his guitar and ukulele playing, Helipi also played the ukulele and guitar at the Jazz Concert in August 2019 organized by Music Central. His audio production skills has seen him help many vocalists and musicians produce their work. His recent original composition has earned him quite a bit of fame and fortune as his music production side has kicked off to a great start.



The gravity of a drumstick is something Wesley Newton discovered, and he has pursued it and mastered drumming to a great degree. He is well qualified in drum and percussion theory and brings his experience as a drum teacher to prepare his students to develop as drummers and musicians. 

Wesley is also known for his interest in music therapy and how it can help address the emotional, social, cognitive and physical needs of people.


Phungmaran Vashum (more popularly known as Aphung or Aphungo), marches to his own drumbeat. Rhythm and beats fascinate him, and he is a versatile and enthusiastic drummer. He is currently pursuing grade 8 certification from Rockschool, London. 

As a music educator, Aphung loves to pass on his fascination with drums and music to his students. He provides a solid education and instills music appreciation in all students.

As a musician, Aphung plays drums, keyboard, acoustic and bass guitar, and harmonica and is a member of the Lightning Thunder Band that focuses on heavy metal.  He also plays the cajon and djembe.


Piano & Keyboards

A love for music and dancing led Karena Conway to join The Bangalore Conservatory just after her graduation. A few years later, she graduated with a major in piano. She's done her theory and practical exams from the Associated Board of The Royal School of Music (ABRSM), London and is currently pursuing higher studies from the same board. Karena has also studied vocals for over 5 years. 

Karena keenly participated in music and dance competitions and often bagged the 1st prize. She loves teaching children, and they love her unique style and methods that make her classes more fun and interactive.

Acoustic & Lead Guitar

Samuel Vantha loves music, especially the guitar. His obsession led him to spend many years perfecting his technique. 

Samuel has taught music over the past 14 years in Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata, and Bangalore. As a teacher he strives to help his students grow as musicians. Samuel does this by by providing a nurturing environment for every student. Filled with high levels of energy and positivity, he passes on to his students a deeper appreciation for music. 

As a performing artist, he has been a part of many professional bands and toured across the country. Samuel spends many hours in the studio composing, recording, and editing music tracks. 


A pianist extraordinaire, Assunta Bartley did very well in Trinity College of Music Piano Exams. Assunta has been teaching music privately for many years and across a wide spectrum of genres – classical, folk, pop, choir, and Christmas carols. 

She teaches music part-time in several schools in Bangalore. A retired teacher by profession, she taught science, English, and value education.  

Assunta is passionate about music - playing and listening and this is passed on to her students. She is a good teacher with valuable experience gathered over the years – in private or classroom settings. With her gentle yet firm demeanor, Assunta ensures that her students do well in their music exams. She is also known to make her baking sing in a symphony of flavors! 

Piano / Keyboards / Vocals

Neha Soans's love for music began when she was quite young. She completed her piano grades in theory and piano from London College of Music board and Trinity College of London. She continues to hone her craft by learning and collaborating with other musicians 

Even when she was in college, music played a key role. She was the student conductor of the St. Joseph’s College choir. Neha has also been a part of many choral groups like the St. Andrew’s and St. John’s church choirs and eagerly participates in many church-related music events and performances. 

As a music teacher Neha loves bringing joy and hope that music can bring and hopes to share this through teaching. Her forte and passion is working with younger children. She has taught music at institutions and privately for many years.  




A singer and performer, Wipatrailiu Ringkangmai has been performing for 12 years. A Naga from Manipur, she has an eclectic range of genres that include Bollywood, Gospel music and Western Contemporary Music in her repertoire. She has performed in many competitions, opened for many events, and won many accolades. Memorably, she performed before the chief minister of Manipur. She was also part of the Western Acoustic Team and the Choir in Jyoti Nivas College in Bangalore. 

Wipatrailiu Ringkangmai has been professionally teaching for over a year and is committed to training and helping anybody who’s passionate about singing. A vivacious personality, she relates very easily with everyone and is especially loved by her students. She is currently pursuing a degree in Western Classical Music.

Piano / Keyboards

Vivi Achumi is an accomplished pianist. Originally from Dimapur Nagaland, she has completed her Bachelor's in Music Education with piano as her primary instrument as well as majored in Church Music from The Bangalore Conservatory. Vivi Achumi is known for her passionate love for music and transfers this to her students.

Teaching the piano and keyboard in various music schools in Bangalore and participating in teaching programs since 2015, she has taught summer courses and participated in music educational tours to institutions like Hebron International School in Ooty. A regular performer at various events and churches, Ms. Achumi is pursuing her Master’s in Music Education in Bangalore.