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Our Policies, Terms and Conditions


A.  Admissions and Enrolment

  1. A FREE 15-minute trial class may be requested at the time of signing up. A student can also opt for a paid 30 minute . Trial classes are offered one-time only, per teacher and are not refundable. To schedule a trial class, kindly use this form 

  2. A student is admitted at Music Central upon submitting the registration form and successfully completing the student intake. A registration fee of Rs. 1500 is applicable at the time of admission.

  3. The scheduled class or classes are decided along with the fees, which are required to be remitted in advance.

  4. Music Lessons are organized on a weekly basis of 45 minutes for individual lesson and up to 60 minutes for group lessons (we put ONLY two students in a class for in-person classes and online classes are generally one-on-one unless otherwise specified). Typically, four classes are scheduled in the month.

B.  Guidelines on Payments, Refunds and Late Fee Fines

Each month, the tuition fees automatically renews at the prevailing rate unless a notice is given. 

  1. Students and parents may setup a pre-authorized monthly installment of bank or credit card payment at the time of registration. 

  2. Students / Parents receive an estimate within the 1st of each month and are required to settle the payment within the 7th of each month. Students outside Bangalore are required to settle the invoice within 24 hours. No reminders will be made to students for fee payments. Payments not received by the 7th of the month, will incur a late fee of Rs. 1000/- and no further classes will be scheduled until the invoice with the late fee is paid.

  3. Refunds are not issued under any circumstance. 

  4. Every January there is an annual revision in fees based on the students progress and/or completion of any grade exam. 



Payment Details

1. For Electronic transfer of funds use 

A/c No :64204119678 (Current Account), 

A/c name: Music Central, 

A/c Bank: State Bank of India, Branch: Cooke Town, Bangalore, IFSC Code: SBIN0040190

2. For Google Pay

Name: Lydia Solomon

Number 9986908046 

D.  Rescheduling, Makeup Classes and Dropping Classes Guidelines

1.     Rescheduling Classes 

Let us come to an understanding of what is a rescheduled/makeup class. A rescheduled class is a class that has been allotted for the month for the student and has been paid for, but owing to an illness or an emergency, the student is unable to attend the class as per the allotted schedule. The class is then rescheduled, to a time mutually convenient with the teacher and the student, and within one month. If the regular assigned teacher does not have slots available in the month, Music Central may be able to provide a substitute teacher to fulfill the makeup lessons.

We permit the rescheduling of only 2 classes in a quarter 

First Quarter: January - March

Second Quarter: April - June

Third Quarter: July - September 

Fourth Quarter: October - December

Rescheduled classes cannot be used as tuition credits. It is the responsibility of the student/parent to follow-up with organizing of the makeup class. The habitual missing out of classes, or rescheduling of classes, may result in students being asked to give up their position.

To reschedule a class, a student must fill up the 'Reschedule My Class' and submit this before 8 pm the previous day. Reschedule My Class form is available here link: 

2.     Constant Lateness 

Lateness is also frowned upon. With online or in-person lessons, students are requested to arrive/log in at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the session. Students consistently late for class will be asked to give up their position.   

3.     In the event of illness 

When a student falls ill, please ensure the school is notified at the earliest by filling out the ‘Rescheduled My Class’ form (link provided below). If notified by 8pm of the previous day, the class will be rescheduled. Failing to do so will result in the class being forfeited. Music Central may require you to produce a doctor’s note in order to be eligible for a makeup lesson. This is to ensure the ‘event of illness’ policy is not misused and to be fair to the teacher who has reserved the slot for the student.

Reschedule My Class:  

4.     Makeup classes and Missing out a Re-scheduled class 

Makeup classes do not qualify for cancellation or rescheduling. When a rescheduled class is organized and the student misses the class, the class is forfeited. There will be no further rescheduling of the said class. Teachers have already committed to time and thus will not be obligated to provide an alternative slot. 


5.     The use of a substitute teacher 

A substitute teacher maybe provided when a teacher falls ill or is on vacation. If this is not possible, the class will be rescheduled and made up. A substitute teacher, is a qualified teacher approved by Music Central, having completed the preliminaries of an interview and a trial class. The substitute teacher will be of similar credentials of the primary teacher. Music Central reserves the right to replace the primary instructor with a new qualified teacher in the event an instructor is no longer with the centre or unavailable at the student’s desired lesson time or for any other reason. 

6.     Vacations and Breaks

For the purpose of this policy, vacation is defined as a scheduled unbilled absence. Vacations are permitted only for the summer and winter breaks, from the months April to July, and the last two weeks of December.  Music Central requires a two -week notice period by submitting the ‘VACATION Notice’ form. 

If the two-week notice is not provided the lessons missed out will be marked as no-show and will not be eligible for makeup. Taking an unpaid break in any other month may result in the student forfeiting their slot with the teacher, as this slot will be made available to someone else. 

A vacation or break may be availed on the student completing a minimum of one year at Music Central. A vacation or break taken earlier than a year will require readmission by re-registering their details along with the readmission fee of Rs. 1500

Vacation Notice form: 

7.   Dropping or stopping classes at Music Central

       Students requiring to stop classes at Music Central are requested to fill and submit the 'Drop My Music Class' 

       form by the 15th of the month. We are sad to see you leave. Please also share your feedback with us. This is 

       important for helping us improve. Drop My Music Class form is available 


7.    In the event of internet disruptions 

  • If the Host’s (Music Central) internet momentarily shuts down unexpectedly during the class, then provide a few minutes and sign in once again using the access details provided to you.
  • If the Host’s internet permanently shuts down during the whole duration of the class, then the class will be rescheduled to another day and time.

  • If the teacher’s internet fails momentarily and the teacher is able to log back in within 10 minutes, the class will resume by providing additional time lost either at the end of the class or to be made up over the next class. If the teacher’s internet fails permanently, the class will be rescheduled to a time convenient to the student. Teacher’s are requested to cooperate in this regard.   

  • If the student’s internet fails momentarily and the student is able to log back in within 10 minutes, the class will resume. It will be entirely up to the discretion of the teacher to provide additional time to make up for the lost time in the class. If the student’s connection fails permanently and does not return within 10 minutes, the class is considered lost. 

D.  Online Classes - Make the most of your online class

1. Log in early

  • The class will be open for an early log in at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the class. 

  • Reminders, calls and messages will not be sent if a student fails to show up at his / her scheduled class time. So make sure to log in on time for class.

  • There maybe software updates that may require you to download or install. 

  • Adjust your audio and video settings to your suitability. 

  • Ensure your name reflects on the device used for the session. This is essential for identification purposes. If you face issues with changing the names kindly intimate the Student Relation Officer at the earliest (

  • Ensure your internet connection provides at least 2 – 5 MBPS. 


2.  A Great Setting makes a Great Seat of Learning

To make the most of the session, it is imperative that you maintain a classroom simulated environment for the whole duration of the session. This involves the following:

  • There must be NO distractions. Distractions usually come by way of background noise or persons walking in and out of the room. 
  • There should be good lighting. Ensure your camera is not directly opposite to main source of light. Preferably, the camera and the light should be on the same side. 

  • There should be proper stationery kept ready for the class. This could include a book, sheets of white paper, a pencil, sketch pen or marker.

  • Visibility and audibility are key to a great session. Thus, using headsets or positioning your laptop/device in such a way that you and instrument are clearly seen and heard, makes a world of difference to the session.

3.    Online Safeguards

We are online and inherent to the internet there are risks that need to be taken in account whenever our children are online. To ensure a safe and secure zone when your child is using internet able devices, kindly take note of the following:

  • Activate the parental control on the respective browser. For example, the SafeSearch feature on Google will block sites with sexual content. To activate it, simply go to Settings > SafeSearch Filters. For further information please see

  • Ensure you talk with your child on completion of the class on what they learned. In general, find out what they are reading, watching and who they are communicating with online. Keep the conversation going, as far as possible on a daily basis, i.e. depending on the frequency of access to the internet. 

  • Talk to your child and reach an agreement on what is ‘right viewing’ for your family. Also teach them about the online reputation and to be careful about how they behave and interact with people online. 

  • Keep the laptop/internet able device in a location that can be easy for you to keep an eye on what your child is doing and viewing online.    

  • Teach your child about being ‘share aware’. This involves teaching them about the risks associated with personal information or images being shared online. They may not fully understand the consequences, and thus you must educate them on asking themselves before posting any information if they would share that with a stranger. If the answer is no, then do not post it. 

4.    Logging into the session

Each session will receive a unique password for logging into the meeting. This is typically sent a few hours before the prescheduled class. There will also be a screening of the attendees before admission of students into the online classrooms. 

E.  General 

  • ​​Music Central reserves the right to make changes to these policies, terms and conditions at its discretion. Students will be provided 30 days advance written notice in the event of any change. These policies shall abide as along as the student is enrolled with the centre. 
  • ​​​Music Central is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students. Parents with students under the age of 5 are asked to remain at the centre, or to ensure a suitable responsible caretaker is present during the class. Students are not to be left at the school beyond their scheduled class times. 

  • Music Central as and when may require to photograph or take videos of students in class for use in our website, social media pages or brochures. Permission is deemed to be granted by the student or parent, unless specifically informed.​​
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