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Online Music Classes

The world's biggest lockdown came into force in India from March 24th, 2020, and with it all normal day-to-day life ceased. At Music Central, a lockdown did not mean a 'shutdown'. We made an immediate transition to online. A few brave students and 'byte-hard' parents opted for online lessons.


While it may be true that online classes may never fully replace the efficacy of in-person lessons, our experience and the positive feedback we received surprised us.


We discovered the lessons to be enjoyable, intense, focused and more importantly, the overall objective of progressing in one's craft was still accomplished. It called for a change of teaching styles and pedagogy from our end and loads of patience and adjustments from students and parents.


In the month of September, after nearly six months of online lessons, we asked the students to send a recording of their progress. If you are uncertain about online lessons, all we can tell you is simply watch this space or follow-us on Facebook or Instagram to catch some of the recordings posted. 

Online Music Lessons offered in:

Lead Guitar | Keyboards | Drums 
Ukulele |
Music Theory| Vocals
Violin | Piano | Acoustic Guitar
Saxophone | Clarinet
To sign up or to schedule a 'trial class', visit the section 'Forms' 
Further, you may call or WhatsApp us on
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