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Music Teacher - We Want You

Music Teacher – We Want You

Once upon a time not much importance was given to music in schools. Many schools didn’t have a music teacher or a music period for that matter. The schools that did have a music period, it was light and fun – children sang a few popular songs and the maths, science or history teacher with some knowledge of music doubled up as a music teacher.

Fast forward 20 years later – schools have music departments, music rooms, dozens of instruments, and a qualified music teacher who has a degree in music. Apart from the bi-weekly music class, students have annual day plays, Christmas plays, Teacher’s Day skits, school competitions, inter school music competitions The music teacher/ teachers have their hands full and schedules packed with getting the students ready for every event.

Where it all Begins

Music Central founder Lydia Solomon shares where and when her musical journey began, “My parents gave me my first guitar when I was nine. I was fascinated by it. Since we didn’t have a TV set, my parent’s decision; I spent a lot of time mastering the guitar. Then came the piano, keyboard, and drums. I fell in love with every instrument. I enrolled in the Trinity College of London and completed my exams under Ivan John who also fuelled my passion for music.” Lydia got so much joy from music that before she could graduate from college she had already decided that she was going to pursue music full time post graduation. She worked as a music teacher in many of the top schools in Mumbai and then in Bangalore. She simultaneously gave private music lessons. After 15 years, Music Central was born.

Are You Passionate about Music?

If you are thinking of becoming a music teacher, you should love music– listening to it, playing it, studying it, teaching it.. Music is creativity unleashed, so you have to be passionate about it. Thanks to all the music based reality shows many children are getting a platform to express their talent but many are also getting side-tracked by the fame and humongous cash prizes. As a music teacher, you can help them develop a real love for music – studies have revealed the multiple benefits of children learning music in their formative years – brain development, social skills, calming effect, increased literacy levels…

Music teachers are in demand today, in schools as well as for private lessons. If you are serious about becoming a music teacher then start honing your music skills and complete your music exams from a recognised institute.

Not sure where and how to start, Music Central will be happy to train you and get you ready for a career as a music teacher.

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