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Which Keyboard Should You Buy?

How to Choose Your Child’s First Keyboard

Choosing a keyboard for your child is not only fun but can be a great bonding experience. But if you are unsure about investing in a keyboard, worried that it will join the land of forgotten skates, tennis rackets, and fish tanks, then instead of picking up a new one, borrow one. In a month’s time you will be able to gauge whether your child is serious about learning the keyboard or if it is just a passing phase. If your child shows a genuine interest to learn to play the keyboard, then here are a few tips on how to choose his/her first keyboard.

Entry Level Keyboard

Music Central recommends a keyboard with minimum 61 keys. Preferably the YAMAHA PSR 363. This entry level keyboard is one of the latest models from Yamaha and comes loaded with many features – one of them being touch sensitivity which enables the student to play with dynamics (playing with heavy pressure and less pressure.) Today’s keyboards can be connected with smartphones so you can record your child playing and also encourage him/her to play along with other pre recorded tracks. There are dozens of apps that you can download on your phone that will connect with the keyboard. All designed to make learning more fun.

Keyboard Accessories

Make sure you buy a proper keyboard stand for the keyboard. Avoid placing the keyboard on a table – this will create a problem with your child’s posture and wrist. A stand comes with various height settings so you can adjust the height accordingly and the keyboard will have a more stable support. To start with, your child can use a dining room chair to sit on while playing but as your child progresses, buy a piano stool or bench as this will help develop the right posture while playing. You can buy a keyboard case or cover your keyboard with a cloth. Keep two to three silica gel sachets on the keys of the keyboard as it will absorb moisture and keep the keyboard dry. As tempted as you are to buy the keyboard online, don’t. Music Central suggests that you buy it from a music shop, as you will get better after sales service and a warranty from the manufacturer.

As your child gets better at playing the keyboard and is ready to go to the next level/grade, then you can upgrade the keyboard. If you still have some questions or need assistance, then any of our teachers will be happy to assist you. Music Central students can avail of special discounts in select music stores.

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