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Forever Enslaved By the Serenade of the Soul

In my personal dictionary, a synonym for music is "rejuvenation."

Since childhood, I have listened to music endlessly. When one is that submerged into anything, it obviously begins to shape your perspective on many other things and that is how music has toned my sensibilities.

I have an association with much of the range of genres – Jazz, Funk, Disco, Classic, Rock, and Metal too. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that I have a type of music to suit every mood brought upon by day to day haps and mishaps. The music I pick, soothes the senses; as if the happening is the small brother, and the type of music selected becomes the big brother trying to calm the turbulent emotions.

I dare to say Music speaks a language that can be deciphered only by the soul. O yes, I do accept that theory gives a strong foundation, and few musicians can do without those score-sheets. But beyond all the treble and bass clefs and arpeggios, there is this strange element of music that goes into a yet undefined dimension where the sharps and flats of majors and diminutives connect to a human spirit through life’s struggles – in tears, joy, sadness, madness, war, peace, betrayals, and during gains, losses and land-marking victories

If there is one thing that gets me in the gut about the power of Music, it is the fact that Music has no bias. It does not choose the hearts it will reside in based on reputation, status, bank balance, or social standing. It swims into a soul without checking a cv, and regardless of status, reputation, sex, race, culture, religion, tradition, creed, language, or nationality. It permeates the space it chooses, and that residential heart is forever enslaved, as happened with me. It was awesome. I was chosen by this powerhouse called Music which has the ability to create, destroy, build, rebuild, renew, demolish anything connected to person, system, or government.

The world and its brother is forever looking for a place of privacy and attention to battle demons of every shape, size, and pit. Music has become a friend that you and I can run to anytime, anywhere. Music kisses and lulls us into peace. Through music we express our emotions and connect to those harmonies that help us identify our true identity that free and challenge us to persevere relentlessly towards the Hope that created us - the ‘One’ who created music.

In the words of the famous writer Kurt Vonnegut Jr.:

"If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph: The only proof he needed for the existence of God was music." -- Kurt Vonnegut, in the article "Vonnegut's Blues For America", Jan. 7th 2006, Sunday Herald.

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