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Music And The Mini-Maestro

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything


Do you agree with the musings from this philosopher of old?

As the music begins to flow through our veins, its also been proven to sharpen our brains!

Research conducted over a period of four years at the University of Southern California’s Brain and Creativity Institute recorded a significant increase in the IQ, EQ and cognitive skills of children who took up the study of music at a tender age.

Bringing this study to life is a trendsetting music school in Bangalore.

At Music Central, music lessons for children transcend the blackboard, becoming interactive & fun-filled sessions complete with singing and dancing – thereby not only honing a child’s musicality, but engaging their mind, soul and body as they learn.

Learning a musical instrument combines the foundational auditory, visual, cognitive and motor skills with newly acquired musical task-oriented skills to create a magical new world for the learner, eliciting an array of novel perspectives and responses. These are further shaped with Music Central’s uniquely tailored courses for theory, vocals, keyboard, piano, violin, drums and guitar, along with extra special courses like ‘First steps in Music’ and Music for little Mozarts’ for the really young learners.

Discovering this phenomenal musical realm need not solely require a traditional seated session – Just take Music Central’s Summer Camp for Kids! A one-of-its-kind music camp in Bangalore, this promises to get our mini maestros shaking a leg, clapping their hands and shouting for joy as they learn to sing on a new key, tap in time to a swanky rhythm, and speak the language of music, all whilst making new friends, creating new music, and playing sweet songs on their instruments in harmony.

With this continued process of learning and sharing, I bet it isn’t surprising that our little Mozarts social and cultural skills are substantially enhanced too!

So, when do you reckon is the right time for your little ones to begin? I daresay - now is as good a time as ever!

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